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I'm New to The Business NOT the Industry

I'm just getting started with all this business stuff. It can be a bit overwhelming. But like anything worth doing, it is rewarding to the point that words can't describe. I've been in this industry for awhile. Not as long as some. But a while nevertheless. I have seen a lot of changes, Both to the industry, and how I personally do things. All this change is good thing (if you aren't evolving with the times you are getting left behind.)


With that said, I would like to add to those still reading this, I am assuming you are curious about either education, or tree care, or both. Bad tree care is a lot like mis-information (either verbal or online.) You really need to do your part and do some research. Otherwise how do you know what you've been told is actually correct? Again I assume that's why you're here.


But who exactly am I? Honestly, I'm just another guy trying to make a living doing what I love. I love taking care of trees. I love preserving trees. I absolutely love climbing trees. YES, I also love cutting trees down. ~Mainly because it affords some exciting experiences you just can't accomplish when you are trying to preserve a tree. (If you've ever witnessed a tree removed by a qualified arborist you know what I'm talking about.)~ But, We should always have a good reason to remove a tree. What i don't love, is doing awful things to trees for the sake of making a quick buck.... there I said it. I know there are probably some reading this shaking their head at me. And maybe this is a horrible business practice, but I feel the majority of the reason I am starting this company is to help the trees live with the people. Seems kinda backwards doesn't it? But why? I'm not sure but I'm here to offer my help to those who want prosperous and health trees.


Trees can be a big asset to a property. Once they are gone they are gone (especially large mature trees). Elderly trees, as i like to call them, need to be cared for with the most scrutiny. Any work done should be completed with careful consideration. After all, it's doubtful you can recreate that tree within a reasonable timeline. So with that being said, why aren't we doing more to ensure that our trees outlive us? That's what i want to do. With your help of course.

-Dustin Nelson, Owner of DnTree LLC, Member of the NAA Board of Directors

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